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Jerry Christin and Tom McKaye (left to right) founded The McKaye-Christin Group in early 2005.. Their belief is that Integrity, quality, and reliability are not just adjectives, they are fundamental elements required to build a successful business. Their pledge is to always incorporate these values into their core business model and continually offer you services that are superior to everyone else in the industry. They guarantee you will be satisfied with their services.

Jerry Christin hired on as a Trainer at Memory Lane Systems (MLS) in 1991. During his 13 year tenure, Jerry served as a Support Technician, Software Engineer, Director of Software Engineering, Director of Research and Development and Product Development Manager. By the year 2000 he had helped MLS grow from a small, relatively unknown company, to an industry leader. Up until early 2004, Jerry was deeply involved in the development of much of the software currently being used by Emphasys clients. From design and development to testing and debugging, he’s covered it all.

Tom McKaye joined Memory Lane Systems in 1995. A graduate of Northern Michigan University’s Finance program, Tom served the housing community for 10 years as an Implementation Specialist, Software Testing Engineer, Conversion Specialist, Support Technician, and was also the Director of Software Support for two years. Tom is a certified Section 8 Housing Manager.



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